Marchant 8ADX

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Repair Info

This Marchant only suffered some minor blocked parts due to dried oil.  It wasn’t difficult to get them moving again.

The spark reducing capacitor showed some sparking near one of the connected wires.  It looked like internal sparking burning through the isolation material.  I replaced it by a combined 0.1uF + 100 Ohm resister (one housing).

The motor ran very irregularly.  I noted heavily burned contacts of the speed controller.  Strange, because the rotor collector didn’t show any wear at all.  After flattening and polishing both controller contacts the motor runs as new !

BackLeft-open-s.jpg FrontRight-open-s.jpg BackRight-open-s.jpg Bottom-open-s.jpg FrontLeft-open-s.jpg Front-open-s.jpg Carriage-left-s.jpg P1000928-s.jpg