Marchant 10EFA

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Repair Info

This Marchant only suffered some minor blocked parts due to dried oil.  It wasn’t difficult to get them moving again.

The sensor mechanism which “predicts” a negative result during division only operates when the result becomes -4 or less.  I didn’t find a way to adjust it yet.

Because of the rather poor “prediction” the machine still works fine but a bit slower than it should.  If the “prediction” fails the machine corrects the unnecessary subtraction as usual for competitive machines.  When “prediction” fails all digits left from the current calculation position pass the “0” point. When that happens all sensors are activated initiating a corrective addition before the carriage is moved to the next position.

P1000108a.jpg P1000093a.jpg P1000095a.jpg P1000096a.jpg P1000100a.jpg P1000101a.jpg P1000105a.jpg