Precisa 366-12

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Repair Info

This Precisa mechanical calculator worked well on plug-in.  Even the noise suppression capacitors seem to be OK.

The motor with all electrical parts form a single unit attached on two steel rods and kept in place by E-clips. I guessed that 50 years old oil doesn’t lubricate very well anymore, so I took the motor off, partly disassembled it to get to both bearings and applied some fine oil.  I also oiled the main bearings in the machine and made sure that all parts were easily moving.

Ink ribbons are not widely available.  I found a Dutch supplier who delivers worldwide and has a very wide collection of ribbons and other calculator and typewriter related supplies.  See Links.

Insie-Front-Right-2as.jpg Binnenkant-links-voor-as.jpg Inside-back-as.jpg Inside-back-as.jpg Binnenkant-rechts-achter-2as.jpg Binnenkant-links-achter-as.jpg Inside-bottom-as.jpg Inside Motor Unit-as.jpg Binnenkant-motor-weerstandzijde-as.jpg