Hamann Manus R

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Repair Info

This was my second machine. I bought it after the Brunsviga 13RM.  That machine only needed cleaning and oil.

When I bought this Hamann machine, it would add with some force applied, but didn’t subtract.  Cleaning didn’t change anything.  

It took some time before I saw something strange, something that didn’t look right.  Well ... it not only looked wrong, but also appeared to bé very wrong.  I needed to remove the main register from the machine and partly disassemble it before I understood the mechanism and what was so wrong.  (See the first two photo’s)

After bending the +/- selection mechanism back to it’s original shape and putting it all together, the machine did work properly.  At the same time I thoroughly cleaned and oiled it as well.  Now its movement is smooth and light at any operation. If you like, see the video of a subtraction.

P1000078-bent.jpg P1000081 (Counter-add-subtract).jpg P1000020.jpg P1000051.jpg P1000086.jpg P1000088.jpg