Facit CA1-13

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Repair Info

This calculator was in a very nice condition but totally stuck.  I had another CA1-13 with the same problem: lots of oil and grease which in 40 years or more stuck some parts in the mechanism.  One of the approaches I used was completely dipping the machine in a container, partly filled with a mixture of petrol and  a few percent of thin oil.  I left it there for several days, only shaking it now and again.

It took 3 month before finally all parts started moving.  The main reason why it took so long is that some control levers are partly out of sight, making it very difficult to see whether they can move freely.

Once running, both machines immediately worked with complete functionality . They are noisy and vibrate but of the many machines I now own, they belong to the ones that I trust most when demonstrating.

P1000124-stkas.jpg P1000120-stkas.jpg P1000116-stkas.jpg P1000103-stkas.jpg P1000109-stkas.jpg P1000106-stkas.jpg P1000099as.jpg CIMG2453as.jpg

Starting capacitor 4 uF