Friden SBT10

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Repair Info

When I bought this Friden  it partly worked.  Operating the machine manually I noticed that multiplication didn’t function and that division blocked the machine.  I cleaned the machine as good as possible. That freed the multiplication parts, but not division, back transfer and product transfer.

On the internet there is quite some information about the STW10 which is not very different from the STB10.   John Wolff provided me with a user manual.  With the information I found  and a lot of patience I managed to figure out how each of these functions is  executed and managed to locate the points where parts were not moving freely due to old oil and grease.  

In particular the back transfer function was difficult. Per digit a small hook hold in position by a spring is part of the transfer mechanism. One spring wasn’t properly attached anymore causing one digit not to take part in the transfer.  The yellow arrow in the photo below shows the position of the spring for the outer left digit.  The springs themselves are not visible. They are completely hidden behind the upper part of the back transfer mechanism.

Like the carriage also the motor unit can easily be taken off, allowing easier access to parts that may need cleaning.

P1010039as.jpg P1010032as.jpg P1010034as.jpg P1010033as.jpg P1010023as.jpg P1000412as.jpg Back Transfer spring-s.jpg

Back transfer springs