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Repair Info

Like many machines this MADAS was blocked.  So, I removed the carriage, removed the case parts and cleaned the machine as good as possible. It didn’t do the job right away, but by patiently looking how functions are supposed to work and locally freeing stuck parts I managed to get all functions working.  Information I found on the internet was of great help in particular the information on which shows how to open the machine and the information regarding refitting the carriage on John Wolffs site

The motor and the keyboard can be taken off rather easily.  Doing that gives much better access to all those points that can be reluctant to move.  On the right side there is a knob which can be used to manually rotate the machine.  I personally never use the motor before all functions work at low manual speeds.

P1000646as.jpg P1000649as.jpg P1000655as.jpg P1000656as.jpg P1000663as.jpg P1000670as.jpg P1000658as.jpg

Back transfer springs