Marchant 8CMR

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Repair Info

The most difficult part of this machine was restoration of the case mounting system. The casing is hold together by a clamping system.  It is finally secured by four bolts on the machine bottom.  When I received the machine the casing wasn’t properly closed and on investigation there appeared to be some parts missing.   I had no idea how exactly the mechanism originally was,  but with the available parts I managed to reconstruct the mechanism to a level where it again securely can be closed. (See pictures below)

Furthermore it required the usual cleaning and lubrication.  At the moment of writing this, the carry mechanism of  the result register still is not working reliably.  It sometimes works well but sometimes doesn’t.

P1010046-48 stacked-as.jpg P1000956as.jpg P1000991as.jpg P1000979-81 stacked-as.jpg P1010020-22 stacked-as.jpg P1010023-28 stacked-as.jpg P1000953as.jpg P1000994a-mount-s.jpg P1010036-39 stacked-as.jpg P1010043-44 stacked-as.jpg

  ....  Clamping system: reconstruction of missing parts ....