Friden 1217


Friden introduced  this machine while they already had non-printing electronic machines in the market.  It is the last 4-function mechanical machine that was developed by Friden.  The calculation flexibility was high for this type of printing calculator.  It was even sold as machine that was equipped with memory. However, there are some limitations.  It’s not an independent memory;  the multiplication control register is made accessible and can serve as a memory under some circumstances.  Other manufacturers use some similar concepts.

In there adverts Friden also claims that this is “the first printing calculator you don’t have to learn”.  That is probably the reason for a very extended user manual with many many calculation examples .......:)

That being said,  it’s an impressive machine!



As usual using the “+” and “-” keys.


Enter 1st number,  push the ‘X’-button,  enter the 2nd number, then push one of the following keys:


Enter the number,  then push the ‘X²’-key, and next the “=”-key


Enter the  1st number,  then push the “ENTER DIVIDEND”-key,  next enter the 2nd number and then the  “:“-key . The result is stored in Memory.

Function of some other keys, switches etc:

If this isn’t easy, then what is ? ............     (I hope I didn’t make any mistakes)

Nevertheless I highly respect the skills of the engineers who were able to develop this extremely complex machine!!

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Friden 1217 Friden 1217 Friden 1217
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Friden 1217

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Production until:



Ca. 1968

Addition, Subtraction, Full automatic Multiplication,  Division and Square



DM 2975,-   (Source: Büromaschinen Lexikon)