Olympia AE-D1


There is very little information available for this AE-D1 which was sold in the Netherlands about 10 Km from the village where I live.
There is a lot of resemblance with the AE11 which a.o. is described on www.rechnerlexikon.de .   This AE-D1 is equipped with a housing which probably was used after 1969.

Other sources mention that between 1965 and 1975 Olympia produced many slightly different versions of this kind of simple printing calculators.  

It was my first electromechanical machine which I bought in 2014.   The keyboard was stuck, but otherwise the machine was in mint condition and probably not used much.


Digits entered are stored in the 10-position input register.  The “+” key adds the contents of the input register to the current contents of the 11-digit result register and then clears the input register.  The “-” key  subtracts.
If the “R” key is depressed before or together with “+” or “-” the input register is not cleared.

The “C” key clears the input register.

The non-add key “#” prints the contents of the input register without addition or subtraction.

The “<>” key prints the value in the result register without clearing it.  The “*” key prints and then clears the result register.

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Olympia AE-D1 Olympia AE-D1 Olympia AE-D1
Olympia AE-D1
Olympia AE-D1

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Serial number:

Built in:


Rotation speed:


Production until:



Ca. 1970 ?

Addition, Subtraction

200   (Not adjustable:  asynchronous AC motor)

1965 ?

1974 ?

Ca. DM 500,-