Casio FX-730P


The Casio FX-730P is one of several programmable calculators which were introduced in the mid 80th.

Compared to the mechanical calculators which were still sold in the early 70th this machine was a giant step forward. It was loaded with mathematical and statistical functions and came with about 8KB internal storage.  It could be programmed with a proprietary Basic programming  language. Complex functions which are to be applied to many values can be stored with a “MEMO” function and repeatedly executed with a “CALC” function.

The backside of the calculator shows a connector which allows for attachment of a small dedicated printer, a cassette recorder interface for program and data storage or a PC-communication module.

Internally there is space for an 8KB RAM extension module.


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Casio FX-730P Casio FX-730P Casio FX-730P
Casio FX-730P Casio FX-730P Casio FX-730P

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Probably end-of-1983  (The backside shows the selling date: Jan 1984)

Many mathematical functions. Programmable in a proprietary Basic language

Main power: 2xCR2032;  BackUp battery: CR1220



Unknown.  Probably approx. Fl. 300 in 1984.