Canon LE-10

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P1000255s.jpg Repair Info

The NiCad cells had to be replaced. They are contained in a plastic unit which easily slides out.  If one side is carefully loosened, the cells become visible for replacement.  The photo shows how that side is currently kept on its place with some Scotch tape.

I used 2400mAh low self-discharge NiMH AA cells.

At a voltage of 5.3V or less I measured a charging current intermittently varying between 340 and 480 mA  with a 1 to 2 seconds interval.  At a voltage of 5.6V it changed to trickle charging with short peeks of  230mA .  

For a full charge I connect the charger for 24 hours. That seems to work well; the temperature of the pack does not notably raise.