Casio FX-7000G


The Casio  FX-7000G is one of several programmable calculators which were introduced in the early 80’s.

It is equipped with solid state  memory and lots of mathematical as well as statistical functions.  The memory however, is volatile.  Batteries are supposed to last 100 hours and after each replacement all memory contents will be lost.  So,  422 program steps doesn’t seem much, but programs have to be re-entered after each replacement.

The LCD display is capable of displaying 8 lines of 16 characters or a 64 X 96 pixel graph.

Several publications in 1986 state that it is the world's first graphing calculator available to the public.


A manual of the functionally identical FX-7000GA can be downloaded from:

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Casio FX-7000G Casio FX-7000G Casio FX-7000G
Casio FX-7000G
Casio FX-7000G

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Probably  1987

Many mathematical functions. Programmable (422 steps,  26 variables,  max 9 programs)

CR2032  (3x)



FF 1250,- (Fl. 415)  in 1986  (Source: L’Ordinateur Individuel nr 78 Febr 1986)  
Fl. 299 from  an advert of the Dutch store V&D in Het Vrije Volk dd Aug 1986