Although more than 40 years old, this machine is in near mint condition and works perfectly for all functions. The rather low serial number might indicate that this calculator is a very early one.  
It uses 17 vacuum fluorescent tubes to form the display.  The left most tube contains a  memory-in-use  indicator for memory  I and  II. The next tube contains the overflow/ error indicator.  
The high quality keyboard uses reed relays which were often used those days.  When a key is pressed it moves a magnet along the read relays thereby closing its contact.


Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division:

 Work as usual today.  There are two memories:  I and II.   The “M+” and “M-” keys operate in these memories.

Function of other keys, switches etc.:

  1. 120 “%” 10 = 12        (12 = 10% of 120)
  2. 120 “/%” 10 = 1200   (120 = 10% of 1200)
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Elka 53Elka 53Elka 53
Elka 53
Elka 53

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Serial number:

Built in:



Production until:



1976 ?  by  Orgtechnika

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication,  Division, Square Root, Percentage Calculations

1976 ?  (My machine contains  some IC’s with prints indicating 1976 as year of production)


No prices found.  However in 1976 machines with one memory and 12 digit display were priced between DM 70 and 150.  This beauty might well be close to  DM 150.